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Super Likes for Instagram Tags

4.6 ( 2096 ratings )
Estilo de vida
Developer: Hua Feng

Hashtag is a very important factor for the exposure of a social media post. This app is a tool for you to evaluate the popularity of your tags on Instagram, also it provides you a search tool to discover the hot tags for the topic of your posts. It will definitely help you to get more exposures on Instagram. There is an easy Copy button for you to get all the hot tags and you can just paste them to your posts with only one single tap.

More popular your tags are more likes and comments you will get. Come on and try to find out the most popular tags around you. Enjoy it!

This app has a small tool to measure your profile popularity (points) on
Instagram. The points are concluded based on this method:
Points = Followers * 10 + Followings * 1 + (Likes Number of Recent Posts) * 2. Compare the points with your friends and become popular.

Try with the most interesting features and bring new life to your favorite social network!

***NOTE: This app is a 3rd party application and not an official app of original Instagram company. It just makes you learn to use Instagram features and search relevant tags for your posts.